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Healing Depression through Community and Crowdsourcing

4 thoughts on “Learners Journey Analytics

  1. This is a great time to solve an ongoing need of better support and communication between families and schools, particularly since everyone was forced online. However, I like that you are building a solution that is not focused solely on the online technology but instead providing access to help through human interaction as online becomes more mainstream. Is there a set number of providers that you wills start out with or will it be tailored to each district? Also, is it likely that districts who really need this can pay for the service?

    1. There is not a defined number of providers by count at start up but some key providers such as Internet, PC, and Linguistic providers that help us overcome the basic fundamentals of the digital divide that may affect families. Other than those key ones we want to personalized our approach to provider partnerships to the community as not every community is the same and also the schools and school districts already have certain programs in place which we will want to highly optimize and maximize before bringing any overlapping partnership to the table.

      We will closely monitor the performance gap determined by the interactions with parents or an opportunity gap that arise out of data we collect on the problems that go unanswered that aren’t as pressing but could bring real value.

      One additional note is that we want to tie together the best practices from what works between the communities to foster inter-school district conversations through the use of data which will help them understand that certain things they don’t have to go out and reinvent the wheel but can see how the programs impact schools and districts in remote parts of the country.

  2. Andy & Houston,
    Great work on this. This is something that can very much be a resource to impacted families today and in the future.

    1. Thank you Fernanda, with the ongoing challenges from digital divide, to the mental health associated with distance learning and parent teaching, all the way to the safety feelings our families have during these protests and rioting, we believe this type of empathetic platform where we don’t restrict the type of problems you may come to us for as long as the goal is to reconnect students with their education no matter what the challenges are.

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