AI driven bidding and tendering in Construction industry- Human expert+Software1(Niche)+ Software 2(Machine learning)

AI-Driven Tendering, a revolution in the bidding and tender process-Human +Software1 (Niche)+ Software2 (Machine learning). Secure your business, and explore the power of data its incredible opportunity in the business.

Tendering is the keystone in any business as it drives business prospects. Currently, the bidding process purely depends on human experts who can price tender using niche estimation software (‘Software1). It predicts offers as of the date of submission or gives some high-level risk analysis of some elements. It does not predict any causal effects of several future events, which could overturn the business prospects. For example, hundreds of resources are to be priced by the tender team in a building tender, such as Materials, Plant, Manpower, staff, subcontractors, and suppliers.

The current tender analysis does not give any predictive analysis of these items and their future impacts, which could badly affect a business. Similarly, several causal effects impact the tender, such as price escalation, market risks, site conditions, design and construction risks, socio-economic conditions, regulations, financial security, political stability, cultural issues, environmental impacts, force majeure, etc.

The human experts + Software 1 (Niche) + Software 2 (Machine learning) (“AI-Driven Tendering”) approach would ensure a secured offer with an in-depth analysis of every event, and it uses data in the machine learning to predict the causal effects of all variables to mitigate risks. It gives a reliable way of pricing tenders without risks. This revolution in tendering could improve business efficacy as it has a considerable market value, almost $13 Trillion global tenders per annum!


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Participant comments on AI driven bidding and tendering in Construction industry- Human expert+Software1(Niche)+ Software 2(Machine learning)

  1. Just a note, AI-driven bidding and tendering approach would be useful in all industries, not just construction.

  2. Dear Barry R. Meinerth, partner 1 and fellow cohorts, Thank you for encouraging me with your warm words during our Startup Idea Brainstorm & Networking Activity. I appreciate your inputs!

  3. I think adding the Human Experts approach to an underlying AI architecture, and pulling together in one product/service is an excellent idea. Having worked tangentially in the field with trades (NECA/IBEW, Glaziers, Sheet Metal and Ironworkers and Teamsters), and the variability in local collective bargaining agreements, reliability of subcontractors and the legal lien laws – just as one example – might impact the pricing, including whether Davis-Bacon applies, etc. In other words, the Human Expert component is helpful in the sense that it can at least attempt to quantify what might otherwise be subjective variables not otherwise brought out or highlighted in a mechanical computing process (no matter how advanced AI might be).

    1. Jack,

      Thanks. Great observations, and you have highlighted the importance of Human Experts in this approach. Without Human Experts, the entire process is meaningless. However, by engaging Niche Software (Software 1) and Machine learning (Software2) and a Human Expert can add tons of benefits to this sector as it is an untapped area, especially the construction sector is a highly low performing sector. I appreciate your in-depth knowledge in this area.

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