October 23, 2017

Social Enterprise

The promise of the digital economy cannot be divorced from the gravity of the perils facing humanity and the globe. Individuals who embrace this challenge and opportunity manage to create innovative new technologies that do good in the world and chase the bottom line. These are their stories.

We're still doing our research and preparing our thoughts about how this topic affects tech companies today, but we'd love to hear your thoughts. What are you reading and writing related to Social Enterprise? Send us a link to review and it might make it into our next issue!

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  1. Warren McFarlan

    Warren McFarlan

    Warren is the Baker Foundation Professor and Albert H. Gordon Professor of Business Administration, Emeritus at Harvard Business School.

  2. Dave Munichiello

    Dave Munichiello

    Dave is a Partner at Google Ventures, where he invests in rockstar teams who dream big and leverage new technologies to make the world better.

  3. Tom Hulme

    Tom Hulme

    Tom is presently General Partner at Google Ventures, Senior Advisor to IDEO and Director and Founder of OpenIDEO and OIEngine.