May 24, 2018
Seminar Highlights: Chris Forman on Internet Adoption and Knowledge Diffusion

Civic Tech

Private enterprise can only take the promise and potential of the digital economy so far. Governments have a crucial role to play in ensuring that the digital transformation of the economy is a positive one.


  1. John Jong-Hyun Kim

    John Jong-Hyun Kim

    John J-H is a Senior Lecturer at the Harvard Business School and the CEO of The District Management Council.

  2. Robert Cannon

    Robert Cannon

    Robert is Senior Counsel for Internet Law in the Federal Communication Commission’s Office of Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis.

  3. Gillian Hadfield

    Gillian Hadfield

    Gillian studies the design of legal and dispute resolution systems; contracting; and the performance and regulation of legal markets and the legal profession.

  4. David Eaves

    David Eaves

    David is a Lecturer in Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

  5. Lauren Lockwood

    Lauren Lockwood

    Lauren, HBS MBA ’14, was the City of Boston’s first Chief Digital Officer, and was responsible for improving digital communication, engagement and service delivery for Boston.

  6. Nicole Wong

    Nicole Wong

    Nicole is the former U.S. Deputy Chief Technology Officer, focusing on internet, privacy and innovation policy.

  7. Mina Hsiang

    Mina Hsiang

    Mina is Executive Director for Digital Service at the Department of Health and Human Services.

  8. Kate Crawford

    Kate Crawford

    Kate is a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research, a Visiting Professor at the MIT Center for Civic Media, a Senior Fellow at NYU’s Information Law Institute, and an Associate Professor at the University of New South Wales.