October 23, 2017
Gauging Street Change Over Time

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

The feats achieved through AI and machine learning are astonishing and can feel like modern wizardry. But without clear ethical reasoning and principled leadership, this utopian promise could tumble all too quickly into a dystopian nightmare.


  1. Kris Ferreira

    Kris Ferreira

    Kris is an assistant professor of business administration in the Technology and Operations Management Unit at Harvard Business School.

  2. Martin Wattenberg

    Martin Wattenberg

    Martin is a computer scientist and artist. He is a co-leader, with Fernanda Viégas, of Google’s “Big Picture” data visualization group, part of the Google Brain team.

  3. Fernanda Viégas

    Fernanda Viégas

    Fernanda is a computational designer whose work focuses on the collaborative and artistic aspects of information visualization.

  4. Anja Lambrecht

    Anja Lambrecht

    Anja is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the London Business School.