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Open Knowledge

Open Knowledge is a public blogging platform built on top of a WordPress core that supports content production, curation, and dissemination in the HBS classroom.

What is Open Knowledge+

Our goal is to make Open Knowledge the destination to create, share, discover and engage in discussions about the future of business. The platform is a network of digital pedagogical tools to help facilitate online and offline conversation amongst HBS classroom communities and beyond. More than merely a blog, or even a network of blogs, Open Knowledge is a community of present and future business leaders offering novel insights on companies, trends and practices.

What is the future of Open Knowledge+

We’re currently in an advanced pilot phase of development. This means that we are ready and able to bring new courses onto the platform in a pilot/public beta capacity, and that there is still much more more work to be done! We have identified some core improvement areas to iterate upon:
  • Unite individual blogs’ content under a parent domain,, and provide a unified search, curation, and discovery experience.
  • Build out a robust social profile for students, faculty and the outside world to find each other.
  • Create better tools to help students accomplish their assignments quickly and have greater confidence when they have completed an assignment
  • Improve instructor tools to better serve the needs of graders and lecturers
  • Perform content migrations for any class that has an archive of blog content from other domains

Did you know that


of OK students would recommend public blogging in other courses?

-based on post-class surveys