Oil Companies Need to Go Digital to Survive

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Many industries have implemented the use of digital technologies to improve their operating models, but one industry has lagged in that adaptation: oil and gas. The oil and gas industry lost motivation for continual improvements and application of new technologies, […]

From Digitilization to a New Energy Landscape

The digital transformation of the energy industry is creating new pathways for power companies to compensate for stagnating energy sales. Those who use analytics and new technologies to adapt their core business models will lead the transformation. Those who rely on anachronistic business models will be left behind.

Can ThinkEco Help Users Reduce their Electric Consumption?

ThinkEco is a New York City based company in the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and energy spaces. They’ve created a piece of hardware called the “Modlet” which connects to their website and mobile apps, allowing customers to monitor their home appliances remotely. The software allows the user to view their personal electricity consumption, be able to control it, and consequently save energy. More importantly for the fiscally-motivated, it helps significantly reduce the customer’s electricity bill.


The energy industry has long been the target for some of the biggest campaigns for global warming, as well as one of the most regulated industries in this matter. This is mainly because the energy industry is the largest producers of CO2,which is in turn the biggest gas contributor among the greenhouse gases.
Colbún, a power generation company in Chile, is facing this challenges and pushing to be one of the leaders in the country regarding sustainability and climate change control.