“The Everything, Everywhere, Every time Store”

“In 1994, after seeing an article citing Internet usage was growing by 2,300%, Jeff Bezos left a comfortable, high-paying job and started an online bookstore inside his rental house in suburban Seattle. His online bookselling company quickly morphed into the world’s largest online retailer with a $ 107 Bn revenue and $ 359 Bn market capitalization.”

Greetings from Hallmark

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• Network Security Architect.
• Marketing Data Analytics Storyteller.
• Application Security Analyst.
Are all openings for jobs posted on the Hallmark Careers website in the last week. Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

Future of Clothing = Renting?

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Founded by two graduates of Harvard Business School, Rent the Runway (“RTR”) is an e-commerce business which is trying to transform the way in which women (particularly millennials) consume fashion. Specifically, the company is using technology to move towards a shared economy for clothing and accessories, encouraging women to rent (as opposed to buy).

Supermarkets, going the way of the dodo?

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With the advent of online groceries shopping such as Amazon Fresh, could supermarkets face the same fate of Blockbuster and Borders? Groceries retailers are mixing new technologies and old traditions to evolve and avoid extinction.