Responding to e-commerce disruption: Should medical supplier Owens & Minor fight or embrace Amazon’s threat?

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Amazon has its eye on the healthcare industry. Medical suppliers, such as Owens & Minor, have the option of embracing and partnering with the e-commerce giant, or fighting back and developing their own marketplace. Owens & Minor seems to have chosen the first option. But did it make the right decision on the long term? What are the benefits and drawbacks to Amazon’s pressure? How can we predict the future dynamics of healthcare logistics?

Blockchain and Burgers

Digitalization has led to the availability of extraordinary amounts of data but how should companies, like Wendy’s, be utilizing this data to strengthen its customer promise? 

Clinical Trial Recruitment at Acurian in a Digital Age: Lives and Millions of Dollars are at Stake

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Clinical trial delays can result in lost revenue to drug firms of $600k – $8 million per day, not to mention additional lost lives as life-saving treatments wait in the wings . Patient recruitment is the number one cause of clinical trial delays and cost overruns, and Acurian has led the digital transformation of the recruitment process. The Company better identifies and targets appropriate populations through its 17 million patient database and population mapping algorithms [8].