Casa Luker: Unveiling the sweet future of Colombian Cocoa Production

How could Casa Luker, a successful colombian 🇨🇴 family business in the cocoa products industry, secure the sustainability of its supply chain in times of environmental change leading to scarcity of the cocoa bean? Will the country’s potential in this new era of peace attract international investors and, along with the company’s investment in R&D, will it be sufficient to move forward with local and international expansion of its cocoa and derived product business?

A Heifer Sized Problem for Tyson Foods

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Demand for beef is expected to increase as income levels rise and the global population grows to exceed 9bn by 2050. However, beef production is a key contributor to climate change, producing ~3 tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions annually, polluting water resources, and encouraging deforestation. As the largest US fed beef packer, with beef accounting for 38% of the Company’s $37bn in sales for 2016, Tyson Foods should be focused on solutions to achieve its mission to “sustainably feed the world with the fastest growing portfolio of protein packed brands.”