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On December 13, 2015, Yukako commented on To Infinity and Beyond: Disney’s Alignment with Magic :

Loved the post. I’ve always been impressed by the way Disney creates value, and I’m especially fascinated by their theme park operations. Once at work, I was looking at one of their competitors, and was looking into Tokyo Disneyland’s operations, but how every single detail was meticulously thought out was mind blowing. Their openness to new businesses and styles is also very impressive, and probably one of the key reasons why they never get old.

On December 13, 2015, Yukako commented on Petrobras: Government Mandated Operation Model is a Misfit :

Wow Anas this was so interesting. I always knew them as giants in the industry but had no idea that the government had such a strong influence on them. The policy sounds pretty extreme… I wonder how much say Petrobras management and the other shareholders had when the legislation was first enforced in 2010?

Thanks for the great post Preeya. I know a lot of the players in the industry are struggling to diitalize, and it was interesting to learn what’s behind FT’s success in the mission. It created a lot of buzz in Japan when Nikkei announced that they were acquiring FT from Pearson. A lot of people were surprised by the news, but I guess it makes sense in that they both share the same strategy and success in their aggressive investment in digitalization.