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On March 10, 2016, Reality_Kid commented on Porcelain God: The Buc-ee’s Empire :

Buc’ees does have a more normal service station on Hwy-290 in Houston. I haven’t stopped there since there is a real full size Buc’ees just a few miles down the road and that is where I stop. Why do they have this station, maybe a test project since their fuel prices are pretty good. I’m sure there are the normal items to purchase in this normal station and I would bet that it has a very clean restroom although it may only be a very small one. I’m not sure about the putting a Buc’ees only where property is cheap. In Baytown texas,Buc’ees has their largest building and 90 gas pumps on the freeway one exit east of multiple truck stops. I don’t think this would be a cheaper property since it is on the freeway and in Baytown. I would have though maybe 20 miles east of this location would be better but maybe they want to get local trade to purchase items inside the store. I did notice they do carry a small produce section. One item that was missed in the discussion on making a following of Buc’ees is the fact they do not allow trucks to use their parking lot or facilities. I think bathrooms, no trucks, novelty branded items, good food, very large selection of food all contribute to the success of Buc’ees.