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Agree with the comment above–Athenahealth is an interesting company with a great growth story. I’m also curious:
1. How they improve coordination across multiple specialties given inherent differences and disparate IT systems? How has their operating model supported this?
2. What role are they (or will they) play in the current direction of payment reform? Are they looking to build out more capabilities to support physicians and they move towards value-based medicine? If so, are they participating in any of the existing CMS pilots and are their any significant shifts in their operating model to support these new changes?

On December 13, 2015, MBA commented on PARIBUS — reclaiming $$$ that stores owe YOU. :

Really interesting, thanks Mike!

Similar to #2 in the question above, I’m curious where Paribus might go next and how that might impact its core business. They seem to have invaluable access to customer buying behavior across multiple stores and platforms. I’d imagine there are several opportunities to start leveraging or selling this data that could lead to significant new revenue streams. While I’d think this would be tempting, I’m wondering how this might impact users thoughts around privacy and security and what rights they already require users to give up upon sign-up.

On December 13, 2015, MBA commented on Whole Foods: Creating An Organic Experience :

Thanks Vicky!

I’m curious as to how their operating model has changed as they’ve grown or what controls they’ve had to put in place to maintain it. I’d imagine having local supplier relationships (which makes sense given their value proposition) created some limitations or tensions as they looked to take advantage of their economies of scale during heavy periods of growth. I wonder how they looked to balance these levers and what they may have had to let go of as they grew.