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On December 14, 2015, lkrone commented on SpaceX: Making Life Multiplanetary :

While I definitely agree that looking into low cost option for space will be the key to continued growth within the space industry, how does this balance out with the level of safety and quality expected from consumers? The giants within the industry definitely need to dive more into the cost aspect of space travel, but ensure that everyone continues to get home safe. At this point in time, does it really cost less to reuse components compared to using new considering the amount of testing that would be involved.

I love the idea of looking for potential! I think it is a great way to bring a creative element into a very traditional field of study, allowing new ideas to come to light. This seems to come through with the environment they have made at SpaceX that definitely brings the dreaming back into the aerospace industry.

On December 14, 2015, lkrone commented on Soulcycle: Intense Brand Loyalty :

This was very insightful, especially since I have never been to a spinning class before. It is amazing how building the organization into a lifestyle has brought such success. It definitely seems to come from the value the organization is bringing to its customers. It is vital for Soulcycle to maintain the level of quality they are providing, otherwise the pricing structure falls apart.

On December 14, 2015, lkrone commented on Speedo: Inspiring Everyone to Dive In :

Great job Jessica. I distinctly remember the evolution of Speedo’s suits growing up on a swim team. It is amazing the changes over the years, especially in regards to material and how they integrate their improvements beyond the Olympic speed suit level. The quality at the “swimming for everyone” level is of the highest quality and contains aspects of innovation that you see in the higher level suits.