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On February 22, 2017, CharlesT commented on Michelin: Tires-as-a-Service :

Emad, we are flattered that we are a topic of discussion at HBS. However, I wonder about the depth and breadth of your sources for this article. Some of the facts are spot on, while others seem to come from a more narrow perspective. While the results of Michelin Solutions in Europe are mixed, the success of MFS in North America are arguably very good… and growing. We would welcome the opportunity to expand your thinking and perhaps add more current detail.
On the other hand, I applaud the focus on tires-as-a-service and digital transformation of the industry. This is clearly part of our vision.

Let me know if you would like to discuss at some point. At Michelin we have a principle regarding “Respect for the facts.” I am sure that is your intent as well.

CharlesT, Director Service Marketing, NA