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On December 15, 2015, AS commented on The Ultimate House of Luxury :

Thanks Elizabeth! CHANEL also owns a few of the ateliers that focus on some of the very specific crafts that are used in things like costume jewelry and button making where the skills are very specialized and artistic putting them at risk for extinction if no on ensures that the skills are passed down. Similar to Barrie’s they can still supply to other companies, but CHANEL wants to make sure that these techniques are preserved over time. This is an old article but it shows some examples of some of them and the work that they produce.

Production is “restricted” on basically everything as the company does not produce based on demand and limits the quantity that a customer can purchase for certain items as well. Some pieces take like 100 hours to make so just by virtue of the times spent they are “restricted” in quantity.

On December 14, 2015, AS commented on Air New Zealand – Bringing the World to Middle-Earth :

This post is cool because it is about a unique company that I have never previously knew anything about in an industry where everyone else seems to be doing the same things. It seems like their position as a small airline in a remote place has forced them to be innovative and efficient. I wonder why more airlines do not take advantage of the more fuel efficient planes given the volatility and high costs of fuel. I like how they have capitalized on their unique physical location making it into an asset instead of a challenge by turning it into a part of their identity. Spreading the sense of pride for the location brings awareness to the brand itself and possibly attracts the attention of travelers who have not previously been to NZ making them want to travel there. Branding the planes with more than just their logo seems like another seemingly obvious way to draw attention to the planes while parked among so many other planes at airports world wide, yet it is not something that I have noticed other airlines doing, perhaps due to the fact that they do not feel the need to be innovative given their size and perceived brand recognition in large markets.

On December 14, 2015, AS commented on Airbnb: your home away from home :

Interesting to read about the ways that they actively capitalized on the network effect by doing things to help build it. Is there any point at which the network would be too big and require a change to the operating model?

On December 9, 2015, Donna Barbee commented on How Empire Created Its Empire :

This post has expanded how I define a “business” since I never thought of a specific TV show in this way before. As someone who watches Empire for entertainment, it is interesting to be exposed to the strategic decisions that have contributed to its success. I often notice product placements and think about the money that the brands must have paid, but never considered the other operating decisions that can determine the success of a show in terms of $$ as opposed to just viewers and popularity. Great post!