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On December 13, 2015, 17-38. commented on Hello Alfred: Giving you the luxury of time :

Great stuff! I heard about this company recently and their model does seem intriguing. Do you have any insight into what type of rules/regulations the company has in place around the type of jobs Alfreds are allowed to perform for their clients? Can they cook for you? Can they help clean-up and do dishes after a dinner party? Can they baby sit? Can they walk dogs? There seems to be a never-ending list of tasks that people would want to pay Alfred to do rather than do themselves.. this scenario seems like it could mean unlimited opportunity for Hello Alfred.. on the other hand, perhaps setting/maintaining strict rules/a core focus might be an ongoing challenge for the company to deal with.. maybe a bit of both?

On December 13, 2015, 17-38. commented on Athlete. Legend. Warrior. Rockstar. Renegade. SOULCYCLE. :

Well done, Jenny! Exercise seems to be particularly prone to fads. How worried are you about the long term sustainability of SoulCycle? They’ve scaled so fast and continue to open new studios in new locations.. do you worry that the because SoulCycle is so “cool” right now, that maybe they’re expanding too fast? What if their coolness wears off and they become just another spin class? Will there be enough demand for that? Or is being cool and different and exciting so baked into the SoulCycle DNA that they’ll find ways to innovate and keep themselves hip forever?

On December 13, 2015, 17-38. commented on How Chipotle Revolutionized Fast Food :

Great post, Tyler. I believe one reason for Chipotle’s success is that their food is perceived to be healthier than more traditional fast food. The ingredient sourcing strategy you outlined in your post has definitely helped fuel this perception. Do you have any insight as to whether this perception a reality? I’ve always wondered just how healthy the food actually is compared to McDonalds/Burger King/KFC (generally perceived to be unhealthy), or compared to Subway/Panera/etc (generally perceived to be healthy).

I am also always fascinated by businesses in the food and beverage industry that focus on simplicity/limited menus. This seems to be “hot” right now. In Los Angeles, these gastro pub style restaurants with very few entrees to choose from are currently popping up everywhere. Do you see this continuing into the foreseeable future? People are annoyed/overwhelmed by choice in their lives and yearn for simplicity? Or is this just a trend that will soon end, and businesses like Chipotle may have to change their business and operating models as folks demand more choice/variety?