POCket Point-of-Care kinetic enterprise technology

POCket is a platform technology that can revolutionize the ability to capture data from point-of-care testing that us currently lost to the ether as well as provide a compliance solution for health care providers outside of hospital settings.

As Integrated Network Delivery systems expand their clinics and ancillary care spaces, we can support testing in those areas.
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Point-of-Care testing is diagnostic testing that occurs at the patient’s bedside, or …in the patient’s hand.
POC is rapidly expanding along with technology. However, the ability to collect and analyze the data if far far behind.

Many POC companies provide device specific interfacing and connectivity. With POCket, we will disrupt the market will all encompassing connectivity.

There are currently no products on the market that provide these compliance tools and connectivity as a package.





6 thoughts on “POCket Point-of-Care kinetic enterprise technology

  1. Would there be cost savings ?

    1. Hi! Yes, there would be cost savings from multiple aspects such as centralize buying power via standardization as well as time saved.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Hey Stacy,

    Nice job!
    Definitely a future requirement eventually with TeleMed.


    1. Thanks Ken!

  3. Really interesting! This vertical is *way* outside my industry knowledge, so may I check my understanding of the product? The initial value creation would be for the doctor to find the proper POC, learn about it, and administer it; the second piece of value creation would be for the patient’s onboarding/demographic/result data to be transmitted to various databases and answers received; and the third piece of value creation would be from analyzing the aggregated, anonymized data?

    Do the current rules around patient privacy have to change for this solution to be created, or could it exist under the current legal regime?

    Great work, and I look forward to learning more about the business!

    1. Hi Scotty!
      It could be constructed under current regulation. And – great high level understanding! There is one additional value for large IDNs which is consolidated oversight management.

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