Data2Develop Career Transformations “Freemium” eLearning and People Analytics Platform

Want to transform your career – try out this free eLearning course. @data2develop from @shibbyrae

Data2Develop HBAP Product Management Course _ Pitch Deck Template

A free training course on Career Transformation for those impacted by the COVID pandemic in Spring 2020.  Many have lost jobs, others impacted by the “new normal”, the Career Transformation course will provide preliminary steps to reinvent careers and find their purpose in the gig economy.  A preview of a Career Transformation program outlined in book currently in development outlining a more comprehensive Career Transformation course.





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1 thought on “Data2Develop Career Transformations “Freemium” eLearning and People Analytics Platform

  1. You have outlined a good structure for developing an e-learning platform focused for re-skilling workers during a period where this is even more relevant. I also appreciate that you are using your own experience to ‘be in the shoes’ of others. I would like to understand the business finances better as you move from freemium to books and an analytics dashboard.

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