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In a world of global pandemics and changing workforce dynamics, we would like the introduce Clean Verify, the next evolution in safety certification.

This becomes especially relevant in today’s world when our normal behavior has undergone change and social distancing is keeping us indoors. Our goal is to rebuild consumer confidence to enjoy places of work and leisure.

We aim to build trust for the hospitality industry which has been savagely impacted by Covid-19. The idea is to engage various entities together and make the process of ‘restart’ efficient and easier for everyone involved. This product will begin as an app for customers to quickly see how a facility has been cleaned and verified. We will  facilitate communication between Cleaning Companies, Hospitality Industry and Customers on one platform so that they can leverage each others services, capabilities and reinforce consumer peace of mind when it comes to cleanliness, safety verification.

We want to make the process of “restart” efficient not only in terms of revenue but also re entrenchment.

While beginning as an App connecting various stakeholders, we plan to evolve into a marketplace beyond  economic linkages and expands into insurance, employee workforce, cleaning supplies companies, EPA, CDC , ISO Governing Standards and much more.


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4 thoughts on “CLEAN VERIFY

  1. I see how great this would be for USA based travel and tourism, could you describe the expansion capabilities to the rest of the world?

    1. Global movement will begin with major travel hub locations first then move into other global areas.
      The need and market is there. The technology will be the same to capture users, build relationship with vendors, create jobs, develop partnerships, etc. We will integrate global compliance regulatory for systems utilized, cleaning standards, process, and quality. Chanaka Amarasinghe, Anamika Tiwari and I have all worked in highly regulated developments that range from pharma products to device. We will incorporate this know how and expand on it to provide consumers with a new amenity -CLEAN VERIFY. For global movement we will again start with small test cities. We will work with the community to gather a cultural understanding, interface and language preferences for the systems and usability research. Our reach and movements will be based on data gathered from this.
      Pre Coronavirus research shows the market is there– “The ever-expanding global tourism industry was one of the major factors driving the growth of the hospitality industry before the coronavirus outbreak. The number of international tourist arrivals had risen continuously over the past decades. As per the growth projection made by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the number of tourist arrivals across the globe was expected to cross 1.5 billion by 2020.” Source:
      We have much more data and information if you would like us to share. Please let us know. Thank you for taking time to comment.

  2. This is a very well thought out solution to solve customer piece of mind that goes beyond the pre-COVID signals of cleanliness, e.g. posted restaurant grades, etc. I see this solution having somewhat of a cold start problem. How do you establish trust with the consumer? How do you get enough hotels and other establishments to participate at first to encourage users to download an app that cost money? You may need to think about a pilot program to build some market share and establish demand.

  3. Fernanda, this is would be a great resource for consumers and I imagine give certain hotels an edge over others. How does the verification process work? Clean Verify trains their staff? Clean Verify does the actual cleaning?

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