Bizloop – Small Business Network

Bizloop – Are you a small business owner who is currently present on FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram who just wants to focus on your business completely without the distractions of politics, news, and negativity present today all over social media?

Are you a business owner just starting out who would love the opportunity to take advantage of Macy’s “The Workshop” initiative and possibly have your product sold in their stores? Oh, you have never heard of that program? Well by joining Bizloop, you would have the exposure to Macy’s and more big businesses who are in the game of helping out within the community, small business owners who need some guidance and advice to start out.

Neither applies to you but you need more funding or legal advice?

You are a housing contractor looking to find another contractor to partner up with for a job, but do not want to randomly send a direct message on Facebook to someone who may not be open to discussing their business online?

Did COVID run you out of business and you are looking to team up with another restaurateur in your area to get business back up and running quicker?

Are you tired of paying for ads on Facebook for your small business to get exposure, only to realize the FB algorithm is pushing your content down feeds and big business content up so you are getting almost zero engagement?


If any of these scenarios apply to you then you, then you are the exact target market of Bizloop. Bizloop is a platform that will bring small business owners together in order to network, form relationships and partnerships with other entrepreneurs, along with big businesses. The big businesses would act as sponsors who are looking to help small business owners within their local communities. The platform would also offer education related services from sponsors. There is currently no platform out there that is for business owners ONLY. This platform will go a step further and use verification methods in order to validate business owners are in fact business owners. This process is similar to Home Advisor with contractors coming into people’s homes and Air BNB checking out their hosts and guests as well. If this concept interests you, please keep reading and reach out with any questions. Thank you!



















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