Bev-mate: Your pocket guide to where and what to drink

There are over 300,000 wineries in the world and that mean each produces at least one wine, some producing over a dozen wines.  Among the major spirits categories of vodka, gin, rum, tequila, whiskey, and cognac there are a dizzying number of brands and variants and flavors.  Add in cordials, bitters, other spirits.  Then don’t forget sake, soju, beer, hard seltzers… you get the point.

So how do you decide on what to buy when you are in your favorite liquor aisle?  Which wine do you choose when you are at a business dinner?  Do you go to something you had before?  Or is it based on a recommendation from a friend or family member?  Maybe you saw an ad on Facebook or a celebrity posting about it?

As a small winery, how do you compete with the big boys churning out a millions cases a year?  As a new whiskey, which retailer is willing to take a risk to make space on an already overcrowded shelf with their “money-makers”?  How do you compete with Tito’s and White Claw?

As a restaurant, can you afford a sommelier full time or two so there is always one available during service?  Can you trust your part-time bartender to truly be an expert on all your wines, spirits and cocktails and make the correct recommendation for the guest?  As an independent retailer, can you compete with big box stores in advertising or velocity?



Bev-mate provides a platform for anyone and everyone connected to the beverage alcohol industry, bringing the end consumer closer than ever before to those that provide it.  

There are several apps that can provide some of the elements of Bev-mate, but why have 7 apps when all the features can be rolled into a fun and intuitive app all at one?

In a relationship based business, strength lies in trust and consistency.  Knowing the key players in each of the industries gives a leg-up on the competition.  Established networks and long term-friendships can bypass weeks and months of cold-calling and startup inertia.







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4 thoughts on “Bev-mate: Your pocket guide to where and what to drink

  1. Yelp for Alcohol ?

    1. I like the idea and reputation management system are wonderful when it comes to educating the customer.

    2. Yes and no. User ratings would be one aspect of it, but more technical data from the supplier would also be available as well: ABV/% alcohol, residual sugar, acidity, volitility, country or origin, ingredients, etc..

  2. My concern is about wine production. The product characteristic is not so easy to control. Perhaps to producers may manage the storage more than plan the production output.

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