Are you Ready to Experience Learning Networking with

This is a new platform for Lifelong Learners who can not only network but also start earning from the platform and restart their careers.
Specially in times of Global Pandemic, when people are furloughed if they had something to help them rebound or really in need of a side-gig and even your Alma-Mater cannot help you, our platform could be mission critical.

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Healing Depression through Community and Crowdsourcing

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  1. I like the idea of this platform, using the natural network of a somewhat closed system, particularly as the concept can extend beyond the education system to alumni of companies which is similar to how Facebook first started. I would love to see the potential stages and how that relates to finances and funds needed.

  2. Thank you for your encouragement @Lauren.

    The first focus would be on getting a beta version of the platform ready with base features for Pilot until that point it be the equity and the working capital needed to run the platform.

    The initial membership will be subscription based through invitation, and that would contribute to “Lights-On” funding.

    There are 3 personas on the platform whose features are prioritized for beta version of the app as below:

    1. Universities/ Institutions hosting “New Alumnis” (nUmnis) – (Harvard for HBAP Pilot) – For their Onboarding Application
    2. Lifelong Learners “New Age Learners” (nULearners) – The user Dashboard of approved candidates
    3. The “New Teachers” and Career re-starters (nUTeachers) – Payment Portal / API and PayPal Integration so that they can host classes.

    Following are the steps for implementation:
    1. Business Requirements Refinement
    2. Functional Design & Flow
    3. High-Level Solution Design
    4. Solution Architecture
    5. Technical Architecture Documentation
    6. Proof of Concept (POC)
    7. Technology Adoption
    8. Cost Estimation / Re-Evaluation
    9. Pricing Model Adoption
    10. Venture Funding / Crowd Funding.
    11. Technical Design Kick off.
    12. Rapid Prototyping
    13. Solution Development
    14. User Acceptance Testing
    15. Pilot Test
    16. Cloud/ Infrastructure Scale Up
    17. Go – Live

    Below is the Platform Architecture and a high-level for associated costing; given pay per use and good availability we should be able to scale up with user-base changes:

    This is a platform built with Angular Bootstrap, Java API and MySQL database. Currently highlevel platform design is in progress.
    The hosting could be cloud based on AWS using Elastic / EC2 modules but also evaluate, Google or Everis Cloud (My Company).
    The Application will boast a responsive web design and is expected to deliver seamless experience irrespective of the device or platform.

    Below are some Key Metrics:
    PILOT Users onboarding
    PILOT User Successful use
    Number of sessions per user

    Initial Projected Cost to Pilot:
    $90,000* for the Pilot Phase which may need some refinement.

    * There is anticipated funding needed for Pilot and beyond and that would range between an additional $100,000 to $500,000.

    The cost of infrastructure could run high with volume and we need to keep up subscriptions as well as Ads processing to keep the application funded.

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