The Bench

Due to the evolving software landscape, and projected resource gaps a new sourcing model is emerging to Optimize Upstream Supply Chain – The Bench – The Future of Asset Visibility and Asset Intelligence

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Winning at Industry 4.0 requires complete asset visibility and asset intelligence. By implementing our award wining tracking technology and combining our portfolio of secure, end-to-end IoT devices, we give your assets life through a range of digital vital signs. Your new data stream is elegantly displayed across a simple user interface and seamlessly powered by predictive intelligence thought our cloud-based software solution. Take control of your Digital 4.0 future with


WiBi will create the interactive e-commerce platform needed to allow audiences to use their phone or TV remote to click-on and buy the things they see on TV.

An Emerging Market Community Innovation Platform proposal

There are no scalable, cost-effective open innovation digital platforms in Africa that facilitate the identification and development of social needs by entrepreneurs, encourage direct community participation, draw on crowd and institutional expertise to problem-solve and act as a transparent bridge between communities, NGOs, and the private and public sector, to fund and implement sustainable innovation on the ground. This proposal offers a solution to this need.