WatchOut! – Data Analytics & Business Intelligence for Luxury Watches

The opportunity is clear, there is no platform application consisting of historical pricing information that buyers, collectors, and sellers can use to make the best purchase, at the best price, at any time. Owners are devoid of knowing when to sell a piece or how to fix their pricing in the most competitive way. The market is bare of any complete solution and remains rife with the opportunity for a fully integrated market aggregated platform (website) to deliver consumer insights, business intelligence, and pricing transparency to the luxury goods market.

BuildSTACK: Collaboration Platform to Improve the world’s largest and poorest performing industry, the Construction Industry

The construction industry is the largest industry in the world, and the poorest-performing. Approaches and practices have not changed appreciably in 200 years; the industry is ripe for a transformation. The industry is currently very fragmented and siloed, as a result of the need to manage significant risks, in complex projects, in a world of low profit margins. A key solution is to provide a platform to connect the community together: owners, suppliers, engineering and construction companies, regulators, NGOs, investors. Creating the BuildSTACK platform will drive the collaboration for this connection.

Leonardo – The Body Platform

The Pitch project applying HBAP concepts: value proposition, business model, platforms from Digital Strategy and Innovation, statistical analysis from Fundamental of Quantitative Analysis supported by technology backgorund.

The Bench

Due to the evolving software landscape, and projected resource gaps a new sourcing model is emerging to Optimize Upstream Supply Chain – The Bench


There are no scalable, cost-effective open innovation digital platforms in Africa that facilitate the identification of social needs, encourage community participation, draw on crowd and institutional expertise to problem-solve and fund innovation on the ground. This proposal answers this need.