WatchOut! – Data Analytics & Business Intelligence for Luxury Watches

The opportunity is clear, there is no platform application consisting of historical pricing information that buyers, collectors, and sellers can use to make the best purchase, at the best price, at any time. Owners are devoid of knowing when to sell a piece or how to fix their pricing in the most competitive way. The market is bare of any complete solution and remains rife with the opportunity for a fully integrated market aggregated platform (website) to deliver consumer insights, business intelligence, and pricing transparency to the luxury goods market.

End Plastic Waste

Plastic pollution accumulating in our planet is a major threat to societies, industries, and the general wellbeing of people all around the world. Plastics are increasingly used around the world in consumer products, packaging, and much more. How do we can stop this plastic landfills?

Silver Hands Assist App

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A large percentage of older adults have critical health and social needs post discharge from a hospital or medical center. Inaccessibility to these social areas have been linked to decline in overall health and historically has been noted to stunt self-actualization. Providing access to resources will not only improve their health and well-being but also decrease the cost of healthcare and improve health outcomes


WiBi will create the interactive e-commerce platform needed to allow audiences to use their phone or TV remote to click-on and buy the things they see on TV.