Supply Chain and Vendor Market Place in Oil and Gas Industry

Vision:  To build a digital platform which helps oil and Gas companies with their supply chain management.

This is a multisided platform dealing with ecosystem of the oil and gas industry. It involves suppliers/vendors, various service companies, operators and certifying agencies. This is based on the suppliers/vendors product data and transactional data between suppliers and their clients. 


  • One of the major source of data for the platform comes from the suppliers and vendors
  • It requires obtaining the supplier data (such as ropes, shackles, etc) from various suppliers and digitize it
  • It is essential to get onboard as many suppliers/Vendors as possible


  • These companies are typically service providers (such as Schlumberger, Halliburton, TechnipFMC etc)
  • The other sources of data comes from the transactions between companies and their suppliers/vendors
  • It is important to understand what those companies require and which suppliers they go with for their EPCI projects


  • Operators are essentially source of income for all the O&G companies
  • It is essential to get them onboard and share the transaction data with them to bring transparency
  • Sometimes operators deals with vendors/suppliers directly


  • Compliance companies are typically certifying agencies (like DNV or ABS) where they certify products as a 3rd party and make sure that the products sold by suppliers are as per industry standards.
  • These compliance agencies typically deals with operators, companies and suppliers.
  • The compliance data and standards are the last part of data required for the platform.


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