Diabetes Management on Cruise Control– Save Time, Money, and Critical Resources through Remote Monitoring and Automation.

Deliver a daibetes management kit of connected devices that allow doctors to remotely monitor and treat patients.  Patient data connected via a secure cloud and app interface. Allows patients to get personalized care, and Doctors to manage my exception, spend critical time and resources where it is needed the most.

There is a large and growing population of Diabetes Patients in the US.  The AAMC study projects a shortfall of up to 139,0000 physicians by 2033.  We will need technological solutions to maintain the quality of care, and at the same time allow doctors to treat more diabetes patients.

The CDC has reported that new cases were higher among Blacks and people of Hispanic origin, which has disproportionately impacted impoverished areas.  Access to Medical care for some populations can be a challenge.

There have been many technological advances and widespread use of new diabetes technology such as Bluetooth connected continuously monitoring devices.  However, most treatment and monitoring is still done with a Doctor’s Visit.  By moving to a remotely monitored patient population we can greatly reduce cost, improve patient outcomes, and discover new innovated insights through the large scale collection of organized data from patients.

My Solution is to create a diabetes management kit of connected devices that allow doctors to remotely monitor and treat patients.  This Kit will Include, Scale, Blood Pressure Cuff, Glucose Monitor.  Diabetes management App, that will have automated questionnaire, request for photos when needed, schedule blood draw appointments at the nearest Lab, connect to pharmacies and prescription services.  Everything one would need to control and treat diabetes in one place with minimal intervention.

The CDC reports there are 34.2MM Americans (just over ~10% of the US Population) have Diabetes.  88 Million American adults, ~33% of the US population have prediabetes. In 2019, it was estimated that health care expenditures to treat US diabetes patients were 295 Billion.  Customers will include the entire ecosystem that helps support this population.

This is a Platform with value creation generated to a number of different consumers in the space.  I will address value creation for each stakeholder, Diabetes Patients, Doctors, Insurance Companies, Researchers.   Unlike the most of the Healthcare systems today, we will be Customer Focused.  Customer Satisfaction will be extremely high priority.

Diabetes Patients:

  • Better Outcomes – continuous monitoring the state of your health. If a bad indication is seen, a computer can Flag and a doctor can intervene straight away.
  • Less Time Wasted – Patient time is important, no more times finding parking, waiting in the lobby of the doctors office. We streamline this, most testing is done at home, with some lab visits close to your home.
  • Behavioral Science Integration – Intervention on a daily basis, step counting, diet tracking, exercising. Help slowly change patient behavior.


  • AI Physician Assistant – Helps doctors flag patients that need intervention, and can improve patient outcomes.
  • Lower Per Patient Resources – Spend Critical Doctor time on the patients that most need it, when its needed. Patient Populations that can be monitored will can be grown 5-10X.
  • Reduce Overhead & Expenses – Automatic Billing, Automatic Scheduling, Reduce Patient visits tha are unnecessary will all reduce healthcare administration cost increasing the profitability per patient.

Insurance Companies

  • Reduce Heathcare Cost
  • Improve Outcomes for Patients / Reduce Lifetime Cost.
  • Reduce G&A


  • Large Scale Datasets
  • Ability for Large Scale Experiments

The Team.

Physician Partner – Passionate about advancing the status quo of current state, Great connections in the Medical Space, Research.  Example would be Dr. David Sinclair, Professor Harvard Medical School, and Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of InsideTracker.com.

Technology Entrepreneur – Partner with someone that has success in the space of building a technology startup, find the right suppliers and vendors to help build the vision navigate the world of IT and possibly product development.

Myself, Ivan Pinney – Petroleum Engineer, MBA, Graduate HBAP.  Currently the Chief Operating officer of an upstream oil and gas company.  Successfully started and sold previous business, successfully fund raising equity in Private Markets.  Engineering expertise in building and automatic workflows.  I.e. Building automations to monitor Large numbers of Oil and Gas wells, flag for interventions.

Business Development – Healthcare Administration Background.  Navigate the barriers of entry with current offices, communicate challenges and key product features, help negotiated large scale contracts with Insurance/Medicare/Medicaid.


All of the technology needed to develop this type of product offering currently exist today, however, it is disaggregated and not connected.  The Building of a Platform that connects the data from these devices to doctors, provides payment from insurance is the connection we are making.

Example Devices:

Withings Body+ Smart Scale – Sends Weight / Bodyfat information to cloud

Withings Blood Pressure Cuff – Sends Blood Pressure to Cloud.

Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitoring System – Continuously Monitor Glucose levels of patients.  Available for Medicare Purchasing.




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