AI-Pandit: a true Guru for the personalized learning path

AI-Pandit: a platform designed for organizations, employees, students, and job seekers to recommend personalized learning path(s)

Vision and value proposition:

“AI-Pandit” is a platform designed for organizations, employees, students, and job seekers to provide personalized learning path(s) and help to expedite their decision making to equip with the market demanding skills.

The problem: 

  • The difficulty of students making career choices and losing so many valuable career years at the early stage.
  • Employees are not able to align their past skills with the advanced skills especially the disruptive world we are living now. At times they are not even aware and by the time they realize it could be late.
  • Organizations cannot map the current employee’s skillsets with future demands.
  • Students, Jobseekers, and employees are overwhelmed with the abundance of skill sets and don’t necessarily know the possible learning path(s) for the best output.
  • A crazy world where a costly traditional degree may not need and a short niche certification may enough to land a job.

Target market and opportunity: 

  • Organization (Both training employees as well as hiring employees perspective)
  • Employees
  • Students
  • Jobseekers
  • Private Coaching Classes
  • Online / offline training providers
  • Recruiting Companies
  • Online certifications institutions
  • Consulting (Help Organization to prepare for possible disruptions)

The solution: 

A serious one time (and ongoing) investment needed to capture the data points for all the skillsets across all industries. These data points need to be linked together in order with the help of SMEs in each industry. The proper relational data is the key to the success of this project. We can use some sort of recommendation / ML algorithms to align various personalized learning paths by knowing the history of an employee, student, or jobseeker. These recommendations can be notified to subscribed users. The idea is to start an MVP with one industry first and start expanding to others in the future.


Datta Chidrawar: 20+ years of experience in technology areas. Have enough experience to start creating a dataset for the Tech industry. With HBAP, I have full confidence in playing a leading role in the data science execution portion for this project.

Need SMEs from each industry after MVP to create the order skills.

Need marketing, Finance officers to manage respective areas.


There is no direct competitor available recommending such end to end personalized learning paths. However.

  • Online websites like Pluralsight provides learning paths but users have to input rather than system recommends it.
  • Same thing with sites like Coursera. User input is needed to get a learning path, but it may not be the best path for a given user for the best output
  • Onshore training providers – they are more focused on given generalized skills rather than the audience.

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Participant comments on AI-Pandit: a true Guru for the personalized learning path

  1. This is an excellent tool with ample opportunity to be leveraged as both a community resource as well as an HR tool within organizations. I didn’t see much discussion on what proven tools will be used to convert subjective meanderings into objective measures (such as the Strong-Campbell PII, or MMPI, etc.). It seems there’s a whole host of testing and self-assessment methodologies that can be leveraged to assist in helping the Guru to guide one on the path. “The Tao of Guru”?

    1. @ Jack Walsh: Thank you for the feedback. I will look into it.

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