Collaboration Platform: Unlocking $1.6T of Value in the World’s Largest and Poorest-Performing Industry: Construction

The construction industry is the largest industry in the world, the poorest-performing, and the largest contributor to GHG emissions. Approaches and practices have not changed appreciably in 100 years. This industry is complex, fragmented, and siloed because of significant risks in a world of low profit margins. A collaboration solution is needed to address the growing need to better use existing buildings, mitigate GHGs, and unlock $1.6T of pent-up productivity value.

Tax and Wealth Mgt market for the Japanese living in the US-Use AI to identify opportunities and suggest new work

Many Japanese permanent residents are facing complicated tax and wealth mgt environments due to their cross border transactions. The international tax laws of the US and Japan are cumbersome and hard to understand. The same is valid for wealth mgt. Yet, they are essential things for them to understand and take advantage of if they want to achieve their dreams. Japanse is a very rule, compliant people. Once they know the rules, many will follow. The market is very fragmented, and there is no national player with a vital mission to help this population. I believe we can be the leader and help the Japanese achieve their dreams in this country and Japan.