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On October 14, 2020, Ryan Kao commented on The Odyy App – Don’t show me options, show me a plan. :

Thanks for the feedback, Christina!

I absolutely agree – full integration with tier 1 partners would be a beast to pull off, and would likely be the last piece of the value-offering for the product. Before that stage, I would absolutely need highly proficient co-founders/team members to help develop the system, as well. This is admittedly a high-level and ambitious idea but I can envision a prototype that works with minimal integrations (maybe even dummy data) that can demonstrate the idea and the technology backing it up. I would want to show investors an app/site that makes the planning process intuitive, easy, and visual. Then, hopefully, with investor backing and a team, take that to a few key partners to integrate their data into the system. Pilot it with small groups, first, then open to a larger population, etc.

Still – it’s a half baked idea, and I’m 100% sure there are many aspects that I’m not thinking of or not considering, but that’s what I need feedback & mentors for!

Thanks, again,