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In general the Capitalist Dilemma is entirely on solid grown. I think that as a country we have become far more focused on short-term feedback with everything! Communication — text messages that use abbreviations, Venture Capitalist that dominate the migratory capital arena, the stock market volatility the list goes on.

Where I think this article falls short is in the solutions — both given tax policy and rewards for loyalty left me wanting some test that showed their promise. I read an article today in the WSJ about Hamdi Ulukaya, Chobani’s CEO, and it falls into The Capitalist Dilemma article nicely. Hamdi has created Chobani by employing immigrants and the key directive to emphasize people over profits. How can a company change lives profoundly and still find success? Finding Chobani-like companies to case study would deepen this articles and its thesis.