Old Clothes, New Strategies: ThredUP’s Evolution

ThredUP, the self-proclaimed “world’s largest fashion resale marketplace,” began as a pure multi-sided platform, matching sellers with buyers to trade their clothing directly. In an effort to create a better experience and more value for both sides, ThredUP pivoted to a consignment model taking more control over transactions (and, subsequently, more risk). The risk appears to be paying off as its latest “Resale-as-a-Service” launch allows brands and retailers to directly plug into the ThredUP platform to fuel their own businesses.

Hitting the Target in Retail

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Currently Target’s digital sales only account for 5% of total sales, but through management’s strong investments in digital transformation, Target is on a promising path.

eBay – No More Auctions?

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eBay, starting off as an auction site, was quickly surpassed by Amazon in US and has encountered strong opponents in international markets. How should it transform and re-invent itself in order to win in competition?