Walmart: Using machine learning to reduce food waste

Food waste is a major problem across the globe. Grocery retailers incur significant costs from this wastage, particularly in the produce category. Walmart is taking this problem head-on with analytics using ‘Eden’: a machine learning algorithm that screens produce for quality and freshness. This post explores Walmart's attempts to improve their food waste process with Eden.

Nike – just Do it with Data science and Demand sensing

Nike has increased its focus on direct-to-customers strategy and cancelled its contract with Amazon to be able to collect its customer data. Through a series of acquisitions of data analytics and AI-based startups, it plans to use this data to understand customer journey, improve demand predictions at a hyper-local scale and enhance customer experience globally.

Craigslist: The remarkable but potentially obsolete success story of the “ultimate platform”

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Craigslist, the largest classified advertisement platform in the world, has enjoyed over two decades of largely free offerings connecting "providers" and "seekers" of services and products. Craigslist has long resisted innovation and change to stay true to its simple and free offering, yet as new entrants build competitive value propositions, such mindset and strategy will not only hamper its growth but threaten its very existence.