De Correspondent: member-based journalism

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In 2017, the Dutch online newspaper “De Correspondent” reached a new milestone: 50,000 paying members1. Even though only 4 years old, the new venture is already rivaling the biggest newspapers in digital users5. Their secret? Building and sustaining an active, constructive and curious member base.

YouTube: How to Continue Digital Dominance?

YouTube is the current king of digital video. However, as we’ve learned in DIG and in BSSE, no single strategy is successful forever and disruptors often get disrupted themselves as industry landscapes change. How can YouTube remain dominant as giant platforms with valuable user data like Facebook and Amazon enter the video space?

How AwesomenessTV Became Awesome

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To start off, you may be wondering: what exactly is AwesomenessTV and why haven’t I heard of it? For starters, AwesomenessTV began in 2012 as a multichannel network on YouTube specifically targeting the teenager and pre-teen demographic (so, not us!). […]