Peloton’s sprint into the future in times of COVID

Chance or intention? As the world entered lockdown, Peloton’s stay at home business model becomes one of the few viable alternatives for millions of people who seek to stay fit. COVID-19 has disrupted fitness behavior and can be a golden opportunity for Peloton to increase its presence and expand its total addressable market.   


Social Fitnessing – Will Boutique Fitness Studios survive COVID-19?

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Before COVID-19, fitness spending was booming with much of the growth coming from boutique fitness studios. With their studios closed, how have they adjusted to providing experiences for their customers at home? Barry’s Bootcamp has tried to bounce back by launching their At-Home workouts live with instructors on Zoom. Is this a good strategy and should they continue to do this once COVID-19 is over?

Strava: Striving in the time of Corona?

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Strava is a fitness tracking application for “dedicated” cyclists and runners. The origin of Strava is from the Swedish word for striving: strava. Founded in 2009 by Mark Gainey and Richard Shaw [1], Strava has grown into one of the […]

ChenMed: Preventative, Capitated Care to fight COVID-19

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Corona virus has impacted the lives of many but is especially risky for seniors. As the COVID-19 pandemic impacts the US, primary care physician offices need to overhaul their fee for service models. ChenMed is a leader in the market. Their capitation model already supports their high risk patients but they can further benefit seniors by leveraging their high tough telephonic “love calls” to inform predictive analytics around the healthcare and lifestyle needs of their patients.