Live inside your content: The future of entertainment

Rct studio is creating a fully immersive, AI-driven movie experience that adapts to the player's reactions, with each story creating thousands of permutations. Is this the prelude to a world of AI-driven characters that continuously evolve? Will such characters force us to confront the very idea of what makes us human?

“They’re not looking for a story that tells them who they are. They already know who they are. They’re here because they want a glimpse of who they could be.”


How a tool for fixing an annoying problem for an online game became a money printing press (literally billions of dollars)

Upgrading the (Smart)House of Mouse for the Digital Age

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Disney has dominated the entertainment industry for decades but now struggles as the internet allows for new video services to disintermediate historical channels and directly form relationships with viewers. To succeed in this new arena, Disney will need to aggressive pursue these new opportunities, likely at the expense of its legacy business.