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On February 11, 2020, Tommy Tom commented on Stitch Fix – Fashion’s Most Innovative Retail Company :

I definitely agree that it is the most innovative retail company, but I wonder if their business model is strong enough to win in such a tough marketplace.

Specifically, I worry that Stitch Fix will struggle to replace customers over time as I suspect the company deals with relatively high customer turnover. Birchbox recently added tiered pricing to incentivize longer term commitments from customers (, which could be an interesting model for StitchFix to test.

I agree that it will be interesting to see how they end up using their data. Given the current situation of the traditional brick and mortar retailers, I can envision an interesting partnership that could help them emerge stronger and more in-tune with the current customers needs and desires and give Stitch Fix an additional, stable revenue stream.

On February 11, 2020, Tommy Tom commented on Peloton: Winning the fitness battle, losing the economic war :

I’ve been wondering about so many of these questions as well! In addition to the space issues SR2020 brought up, I’m interested to see how Peloton’s digital strategy pans out with the rise of boutique fitness studios and the community element so deeply ingrained in them. I rarely experience Core Power or Barry’s go-ers show up, work out and leave without talking to one or many people. Grabbing a coffee or smoothie after a tough workout is part of what makes it worth it, and I wonder how many people are willing to forgo that social experience in favor of a more convenient workout.

On February 11, 2020, Tommy Tom commented on One Medical wins at digital health :

Great post! One additional thing to consider is the scalability of this platform to additional patient populations. This business model, by nature likely attracts young, healthy patients, and I hope they can take learnings and develop products, tools, interaction models etc. that work for the masses.

Additionally, to Kendra’s point about physician retention, I am worried about the quality of the physicians that are drawn to this type of work and their engagement over the long-term. Without meaningful, ongoing patient interactions, I wonder what the draw of being a PCP really is.