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On February 10, 2020, Robert Alexander commented on SMT: winning by enhancing sports viewership & content with technology :

Great article Lill and very interesting read! As an avid sports fan, I was impressed to learn that SMT was able to carve itself a piece in the lucrative market of televised sports by providing a differentiated platform for broadcasters. One thing I would be interested to learn more about was if SMT had considered partnering with specific professional sports teams and leveraging their analytics expertise. As more and more professional teams begin to build out analytics departments I could see SMT begin to position themselves as a platform in which teams could use their data insights to inform player decisions and evolve in game strategies. Likewise, I would be interested to know how much value they capture from this platform and if exclusive contracts should be a part of their business model.

On February 10, 2020, Robert Alexander commented on Starbucks: Winning on rewards, loyalty, and data :

Great analysis Leah and really unique viewpoint on what’s next for Starbucks! As brands continue to focus on building a deeper connection with their consumers loyalty programs that collect more personalized data and usage trends will help organizations better differentiate their service and product offerings. I am curious as Starbucks begins to really leverage big data what major changes do they decide to implement. There may be opportunities to decentralize operations and curate offerings providing localized products, location designs, and services which can further help Starbucks capture a larger share of wallet.

On February 10, 2020, Robert Alexander commented on The Louvre: Winning at Digital Engagement :

Great article and insight into the use of digital technologies in an industry you traditionally think of as archaic! I would be interesting to learn which of these initiatives have resulted in the largest impact for both consumer value creation and value capture. I bet that visitors really appreciate the user-friendly guided tour which they can directly experience while indirectly enjoying the smooth museum operations.