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On February 11, 2020, RLT commented on Mercado Libre: a winner in Latin America :

Interesting piece Andrea. Mercado Libre’s story is very exciting. Online retail in LatAm is very different from the US. Challenges like poor internet infrastructure, inadequate distribution and low credit penetration make it a tough market. However, Mercado Libre has been able to successfully navigate through these challenges. For example, they were able to transition from desktop to mobile, helping consumers circumvent unrelieved broadband service. The question you raise about competition is a valid one, lets see if their local knowledge gives them an edge over players like Amazon.

On February 11, 2020, RLT commented on DJI: Winning in consumer drones :

Great piece. It will be interesting to see how DJI’s product offering and focus evolves over time. My guess is that there will be downward pressure on prices of recreational drone as the technology becomes commoditized and with the entrance of new competitors. However, the use of drones for industrial/business applications keeps increasing. Sectors like agriculture, oil & gas, movies, etc. are now heavily dependent on drones. I wonder if DJI will double down on the development of more sophisticated drones for these types of applications.