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On March 25, 2020, panda commented on NVIDIA’s Winning Platform Strategy with CUDA :

Thank you Alex! Great points. So, Google is already trying to do this with Tensorflow + TPU architecture. Microsoft is trying to do this with FPGAs (hardware) and still figuring out the software for it but way behind. However, although Tensorflow is opensource, Google has the most contributors and owns the edits on it. This also gives Google a significant advantage and prepares it to make it work better on Google Cloud TPUs vs AWS / Azure for example. The integration problem is very complex and a simple copy-paste probably wont work, but you’re right in saying this is getting a stiff competition and NVIDIA will have to be on top of the game to ensure its dominance especially given it doesn’t have a big Cloud presence. Just the army of software engineers that NVIDIA has employed to bring in the latest models in CUDA can’t be matched by anyone (NVIDIA can do it because of the current scale).

On March 22, 2020, panda commented on Blackbuck – Hauling the future :

A super unorganized and an interesting space to venture! Given so many uncertainties in regulation, insurance, leakage – to what extent can tech and optimizations solve this issue with an asset-light model? Would this company be valued at online company multiples or offline? What prevents someone like Amazon and Flipkart who would arguably reach pinnacle of customer delivery get into this space given they have the tech prowess to dominate?
Answers to these questions would be crucial to determine the future of Blackbuck! Thoughts?

That’s a very brave model, given it relies heavily on advertising and is against big incumbents (Google, Facebook). I also like the tight integration between the ad company and a podcast company, and that made me wonder if this integration philosophy would also apply to other industries / businesses beyond podcasts. I wrote an article about the Hardware-Software integration that led NVIDIA dominate a market. Where else could this be applicable? And how long before Apple plays dirty by identifying creative ways of taking a portion of revenues? Or is this even possible?

On March 22, 2020, panda commented on Meituan-Dianping: Amazon of Services :

Very interesting! And it seems like “Super Apps” – offering everything in one place are a big thing in China. With that context, this is a great model and would be expected to have strong network effects. I like your last line about focus – given they are doing everything, they may be jack of all trades and masters of none. Is there a chance of getting masters across different verticals or someone like Alibaba just going into another price war and MD being vulnerable to another red year?

On February 11, 2020, panda commented on Applied Intuition – Powering Autonomy at Scale :

I like the horizontal vs vertical outlay of the industry you mentioned. Completely agree with the fact that Data will become increasingly important as we move towards Level 5 Driving Systems. However, more than the AI models – which I believe will become a commodity, the underlying data capturing ability and combining that with simulations to create a rich database will be the key. Moreover, the car industry is very relationship driven (Multiple tiers of suppliers) and it should be interesting to see how these relationships evolve as you have the horizontal players coming in.

On February 11, 2020, panda commented on Stack Overflow – a Winner at a Turning Point :

Interesting article! Anyone who has coded (including me) can attest to the importance of stackoverflow. Sad to see the recent news regarding the moderator firings and changes to the website. Do you think this is a part of the broader resentment against tech (Google faced a lot of protests, Amazon was put under a lot of scrutiny although the context was different than StackOverflow)? Or is this happening only at StackOverflow? What do you think about the other community platforms such as Kaggle / Github that have growing popularity in the recent times? I think there’s space for all to succeed as long as they listen to the community.

On February 11, 2020, panda commented on Winner – AutoStore: Shaping the Future of Warehousing :

This looks like a great solution especially where space is constrained in high density cities of the world. Also in Emerging Markets, where volumes are large and population density high, this could be a great micro-fulfillment solution. I would have loved to get more insight into the competitive space and what are the e-commerce giants across the world doing? For example: Amazon’s Kiva. How is Autostore planning to compete with these giants?