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On March 23, 2020, lumos commented on Cookpad: spreading the joy of cooking worldwide :

Cool idea and agree with many of your insights. Very favorable network properties on all fronts, and interested to see the ways that they are expanding their ecosystem. I agree that this is a tough market for a competitor enter, but thinking out loud, I wonder whether there is room for a competing platform that specializes more in a particular kind of food, or recipes that are “vouched for” by professional chefs or celebrities — or other ways of creating an alternative platform brand that you believe would work in the Japanese market?

On March 23, 2020, lumos commented on Blackbuck – Hauling the future :

Very interesting view into India’s trucking platforms! I like the way Blackbuck discourages multi-homing through the contracts required of shippers, and also has started to build up an ecosystem of services for shippers. How do you think about the risk of disintermediation, once a trucker is able to connect the various parties on each side of the delivery? The competitors are taking an interesting model of higher integration with services that shippers and truckers need, and that may be more defensible in the future — how has this played out vs. Blackbuck?

On March 22, 2020, lumos commented on Zencare: Modernizing the search for mental health care :

Your insights into Zencare and the mental health / therapy space are very interesting and insightful. I wonder how to solve the ringfencing issues of keeping both therapists and clients on the platform — seems like it would either have to be a lead generation solution, or it would have to find a way to more closely integrate with a therapist’s needs (renting space, insurance billing, automating booking). I wonder also how this intersects with tele-therapy in terms of quality and delivery, and how Zencare can build a “brand” fo the platform itself vs. the significant number of up-and-coming competitors in this space, as well as strong incumbents in the form of PsychologyToday and insurance panels.

On February 12, 2020, lumos commented on A Storm is Coming for Blizzard Entertainment :

Fascinating look at Blizzard vs. incumbents and new players! I wonder what it is about Blizzard that makes it incapable of competing over such a long period of many years against these new entrants — infrastructure, talent, architecture? What makes it so difficult for Blizzard to evolve vs. some of the other digital players (who arguably are old and have less experience), and what are some steps that it could take to become competitive again? Very interesting point about Tencent at the end — what types of capabilities or strategies would it deploy that would create value for Blizzard?

On February 12, 2020, lumos commented on Mirror: digital disrupter in fitness and beyond :

Thanks for the insight into Mirror and the evolving digital fitness industry. I find intriguing that central to Mirror’s value proposition is its ability to provide other kinds of interactive digital experiences (e.g., teletherapy). The line does really start to blur between all-purpose screens with a camera on the one hand and interactive smart hardware on the other. To what extent does hardware and software integration need to be custom-built to the use case? It’s difficult to see a winner in Mirror as it stands today because of aforementioned reasons, but given its flexibility for myriad applications it would be fascinating to see how Mirror can continue to provide value that is targeted and significant to consumers.

On February 11, 2020, lumos commented on GoodRx: Winning in the Prescription Drug Market :

Really enjoyed this post Jen! I wonder what are GoodRx’s plans with respect to expansion into or strategy around the insured population. Does this market have barriers to entry that may be too significant or would insurance plans pose a large obstacle toward GoodRx’s current model? With insurance plans particularly conscious to the rising costs of healthcare in the U.S., I wonder if there are mutually beneficial partnerships that can be developed so that insurance plans can receive lower pricing and pass on these savings to consumers.