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On February 11, 2020, Loti de Esteban commented on Glossier: Disrupting the Traditional Beauty Industry :

I had heard of Glossier before but thought that it was just another typical make-up brand! I’m definitely going to check their products and blogs out. One thing that worries me of their product co-creation model is if I, for example, was someone really excited about the make-up/beauty world and spent a lot of time sending really developed ideas to Glossier, how would I feel if Glossier never implemented or did anything with those ideas? Do they reply to everyone’s suggestions? If they just ignore the ideas that they don’t like, consumers would likely feel disconnected with the brand and could even hurt the brand’s reputation by posting negative comments about Glossier.

On February 11, 2020, L commented on Venmo – Winning a Larger Share of Consumers Wallet :

Partha, I completely agree with your points. I’m from Spain and was living in the UK before HBS, and had also never heard of Venmo before coming to the US. Two things that strike me are: 1) How Venmo is much more user-friendly than the platforms we use in Europe, such as PayPal and Transferwise, and 2) Why hasn’t a “European Venmo” appeared in the last couple of years or why haven’t the traditional platforms adapted to become more user-friendly? This would have allowed them to attract the younger generation into using their services on a more day-to-day basis (like someone mentions below, even just allowing the use of emojis makes the platforms more fun to use!)

On February 11, 2020, L commented on The Louvre: Winning at Digital Engagement :

This was very interesting to read! I really hope that these initiatives help drive more visitors to the museum and help capture the attention of the younger generation in particular. My understanding is that Accenture is also helping the Louvre “digitise” how visitors experience art in the museum. Apparently, this is part of a corporate citizen initiative so its free of charge for the Louvre. It would be great if other museums around the world received similar help from their governments!