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On February 11, 2020, Kendra T commented on GoodRx: Winning in the Prescription Drug Market :

Thanks for sharing, Jennifer! GoodRx has become extremely popular and definitely helps people save money on important medications, however, I am curious to see if GoodRx remains popular as the prevalence of high-deductible health plans increases. Many people are now on high-deductible health plans, which require patients to pay a certain amount of money “out-of-pocket” per year in order to receive better coverage on costly prescription drugs. While GoodRx helps patients save money on prescriptions, insurance does not count a patient paying for a prescription using GoodRx toward their deductible, so it makes it more difficult for patients to get better coverage to make that prescription cheaper later in the year. I wonder if patients will start to look at how much they save using GoodRx and compare that to how much they would save if they pay with insurance and reach their insurance deductible. That math would be fairly complicated and I imagine patients would rather just save money immediately using GoodRx (rather than later in the year), so I am interested to see how insurance will respond to GoodRx.

On February 11, 2020, Kendra T commented on Allbirds of Prey – From Zero to $1.4B DTC Darling in Five Years :

Thanks for sharing, Leo! It is especially interesting to see your point on Allbirds’ use of Facebook and Instagram as a way to not only advertise, but also to collect direct feedback from customers. I am particularly impressed that Allbirds is agile enough to incorporate customer feedback into their production cycle, which I imagine is fairly complex. I would be interested to see if other shoe brands are able to imitate Allbirds to change their product development and production based on customer feedback. I would actually be surprised if others are able to do so, given most shoe companies’ long product development processes that are not as agile as Allbirds.

On February 11, 2020, Kendra T commented on One Medical wins at digital health :

Thanks for sharing! As a One Medical member myself, I love the benefits I get from One Medical. From easy appointment scheduling online to video visits with providers, I have been consistently impressed by how much One Medical’s digital offerings improve my health care experience.

I have been particularly interested in One Medical’s recent IPO. While its IPO has been very successful in its initial days, I am personally concerned that One Medical is incurring such significant losses. It is costly to hire and retain physicians and it appears that One Medical’s low membership fee may not be enough to cover their expenses, considering their net loss of $45.5M in 2018 and $34.2M in the first nine months of 2018 ( As an avid One Medical advocate, I truly hope that they are able to sustain their business model and I am very curious to see how they are able to expand and hopefully become profitable.