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On March 23, 2021, John V. commented on SpaceX: Enabling Space Exploration through Data and Analytics :

Thanks Juan Carlos! Would love to hear your thoughts on how SpaceX’ use of analytics compares to NASAs in class. Separately, I wonder if there are tradeoffs to these new innovations in regard to quality assurance and if that presents further strategic problems and bottlenecks in the development process.

On March 23, 2021, John V. commented on Eaze: Leveraging Data Analytics in the Cannabis Industry :

+1 on whether or not they are considering making data available to government institutions. I also wonder if data sharing is occurring with farmers/manufacturers to manage demand or if they are keeping this internally to manage their distribution.

On March 23, 2021, John V. commented on Disney Magic with Big Data :

Regarding the MagicBand use case – Disney has also done interesting things in regard to payments and what wearables can usher in from an experiential perspective. Customer purchasing data, geotargeting and security in this closed loop system do give me concern around surveillance and privacy. The more usage puts Disney in a unique position that they themselves or bad actors can subvert and exploit.

Great post Almas!

On March 2, 2021, John V. commented on DoorDash: Winning the restaurant food delivery war? :

this reminds me of our first blog assignment on covid as well. grocery and social distancing will allow doordash to continue to kill it. great post!

On March 2, 2021, John V. commented on OnlyFans: Revolutionizing the Online Sex Industry? :

Bella Thorne was genius for what she did with OnlyFans. My biggest concern is if this will mimic what happens in the music industry – sex workers have already been impacted negatively by Covid & celebrities joining the platform only further erodes their earning potential.

On March 2, 2021, John V. commented on Clubhouse – The Audio-Only Platform :

This could totally become Quibi, but it can also evolve into something brilliant. In regard to sustainability, the novelty and crazy valuation of this platform was built off the backs of black creators. I don’t think it’s ClubHouse’s imperative to cut them into some form of equity, but the creators themselves need to find away to not cede content so easily and cry wolf later. Dwight from the office said it best – you make a business by step 1 – getting all the black people to do it, make it cool, and step 2, get all the black people to stop using it.

On February 10, 2021, John V. commented on ViacomCBS: Here to Stream, Here to Stay :

I’m interested to know if ViacomCBS despite it’s core content offerings will believe consumers will add another subscription service. The folks who are drawn to their network because of their live programming are likely the core target customer as it is. As the streaming wars continue, it will be interesting to see how this company pivots when it needs to as a historically last-mover network.

On February 10, 2021, John V. commented on Stripe: Increasing the GDP of the Internet :

I agree with Kyle regarding Stripe’s transaction fee in the context of small businesses – especially the impact that would have with the backdrop of a pandemic. A competitive concern I have is within Square, who is well positioned in providing solutions to small businesses in an arguably more intuitive way.

On February 10, 2021, John V. commented on Your Instacart shopper has started shopping! :

Instacart is absolutely positioned to win due to their core capabilities and convenience to consumers. In my own personal experience of using the service, I have concern about the implications of the gig economy and their labor force. Essential workers in their own right – Instacart shoppers in this environment rely on ‘jobs’ as their only income and are at the whim of customer satisfaction – with no benefits.