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On February 11, 2020, Jona Babi commented on Plaid: A $5.3 Billion Winner :

I hope that Plaid/Visa is pretty soon going to dab into bank transfers and make them faster and cheaper that they are now. I didn’t know about Plaid until I started specifically looking into the Fintech industry for my personal interests, although I’ve used apps that are integrated with Plaid in the background. So what is described above as being very “discrete” has worked so far. But not sure how the educated customers will perceive the “discrete” integration, I would prefer to know who I am giving permission to connect to my bank and other finances. Now that they have the Visa name backing them up there is no more need to play the discrete game under the radar.

On February 11, 2020, Jona Babi commented on One Medical wins at digital health :

I’ve used a similar app in California that is provided from the Palo Alto medical foundation and basically offers everything that One Medical does but only for their company. Luckily the foundation is so large and has offices all over northern California so there are several location and doctor choices available at any point of time.
I am very happy that services like this exist but there is a long way to go for the healthcare industry. My main problem (which I hope One Medical hopefully is working on a solution for it) is the medical records. I’ve moved a lot so my records are all over the world, non transferable digitally scattered across many doctors and institutions. I am not able to have a track record on my health over the last decade. If this becomes possible it will be the ultimate healthcare digitalization.

On February 11, 2020, Jona Babi commented on Glossier: Disrupting the Traditional Beauty Industry :

There are several DTC e-commerce beauty brands that have a community with a couple of million followers in social media. I get their instagram adds all the time and what caught my attention is not the frequency of the adds or quality of the product, but how real the women wearing the products look. They don’t hire a Victoria Secret model with perfect makeup and unrealistic beauty to do the advertisement, it is more like the girl next door that looks effortlessly pretty and very natural. This way Glossier is not only reaching a large amount of women but it is empowering them and making them more self-confident seeing that they look similar to the model in the add.
On a side note, they have failed to reach to an audience like me and my friends. I consider myself pretty savvy with the beauty brands and usually don’t trust the instagram adds since 9/10 of them are not exactly what they are preaching. Glossier needs more validation that just the online hype for me to give it a try.