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On February 11, 2020, Jennifer Yang commented on Venmo – Winning a Larger Share of Consumers Wallet :

I find Venmo’s product to be very useful as a consumer, but I’m curious what they would have done to become profitable or support their operations (outside of VC funding, perhaps) had they not been acquired. The path to monetizing their platform at a sustainable level does not seem very clear to me. Although they deliver a great product to a large user base, I just don’t see where they could make enough revenue to turn a profit. I would be interested in seeing what Venmo’s largest revenue streams are. As it is right now, however, they may not be very concerned about this because they have the support of PayPal’s resources behind them.

On February 11, 2020, Jennifer Yang commented on The Louvre: Winning at Digital Engagement :

This was a fascinating read, Joe! I particularly enjoy the idea of bringing museum art to life through AR/VR technologies, and I am excited to see where the Louvre takes this idea, given the richness and significance of the art that it houses. It would be great to see the Louvre expand concepts like the “Petite Galerie” to their full collection, or at least the most widely know pieces. Wouldn’t it be grand to see what the Victory of Samothrace would look like in its original condition, through AR?

The data analytics piece of this equation is interesting as well. One potential benefit as well to tracking visitation and traffic is the ability to then distribute that traffic more evenly, thereby decreasing wear and tear or maintenance of the grounds, which could be a concern for such a highly visited tourist attraction.

On February 11, 2020, Jennifer Yang commented on Plaid: A $5.3 Billion Winner :

I’m curious about Plaid’s branding going forward, now that they fall under the Visa umbrella. As you mentioned, I had no idea about Plaid until the past year or so, although I may very well have been using their technology. While this is a good strategy for them to build traction in the early days by leveraging the trust that customers place in the companies that built these apps, I wonder if it’s a lost opportunity for them going forward in gaining consumer awareness. If they were to brand their services, would it even be under the Plaid name, or perhaps under Visa’s name? It will be interesting to see how this plays out.