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On March 24, 2020, Ashima_Singh commented on How Swiggy devoured competition in India :

Thanks for writing this article. In India, I was a big user of the Swiggy and agree with most of the points listed in the blog-post. In addition to the exclusive contracts, I believe one of the biggest competitive advantages they have is the quality of the service. As a customer, I preferred it over other platforms because of the quality of service it provided.

On March 24, 2020, Ashima_Singh commented on Zoom: Prepared for a Pandemic :

Thank you Joe for picking up this topic – it is so interesting to see how a company can strategize to respond to unexpected high demand. I agree with the network effects and bridging argument made in the blog post – but I firmly believe that the biggest reason that Zoom stood-out in these times was its video quality over its competitors. This transitory shock in the economy will bring a lot of value to their brand.

On March 24, 2020, Ashima_Singh commented on Instacart – A Platform Thriving in a Pandemic :

This is a very well-written blog post. I have been using Instacart for the last two years and totally agree with all the value propositions mentioned for the customers. On one hand, their white-label product ‘Powered by Instacart’ launch is an interesting concept, but on the other hand I wonder whether this product will lead to fewer economies of scale for the overall business if many enterprise businesses shift to ‘Powered by Instacart’ launch.

On February 13, 2020, Ashima_Singh commented on DJI: Winning in consumer drones :

Amazing article. After the class discussion, I felt that there is an opportunity for DJI to focus on more use cases beyond photography and videos. I believe that DJI can leverage these use cases to not only improve the technology but also diversify the revenues of the business.

On February 13, 2020, Ashima_Singh commented on Monzo: A digital offering that has traditional UK banks scrambling :

Fascinating article. After the class discussion, I felt that Monzo would benefit in launching itself in emerging markets and serve underbanked as compared to moving to the USA. In US, the incumbent banks would catch up with the digital innovation and Monzo would have a hard time to compete against big pockets of these banks. However, in emerging markets, Monzo can bring underbanked and underserved people into banking system.

Fascinated by this blog post. I didn’t know that Sephora was pioneering the change in landscape of the cosmetics industry. Going forward, Sephora should focus on how to keep itself ahead of the curve as most of the differentiating factors (e.g., AI technologies, data etc.) are replicable by big players.