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On February 11, 2020, Anuj Lohia commented on Pandora Media – from winner to loser – and back? :

Interesting article Marius!

It seems Pandora will need a major shift in their business model to remain relevant – it seems their competitive advantage in helping consumers discover music was easy replicable by other players in the space. It also seems consumers now have plenty of choice in deciding what applications to download apart from Spotify / Apple Music. I really question if Pandora will be able to make a come back now that these other streaming apps have made such an impact on current generations.

On February 11, 2020, Anuj Lohia commented on Coursera – Revolutionizing Education For Anyone, Anywhere :

Great article ! It seems Coursera has been able to capture value by partnering with many large players including big businesses and governments. Interesting to also hear about how they have leveraged data to try and gain a competitive advantage – I wonder if these initiatives have seen real impact from customers.

Great article and loved the ad! It is truly impressive how DSC was able grow on the back of viral marketing in this new advertising world. I wonder if there are clear takeaways we can establish on how to create marketing campaigns that have this level of impact. It seems DSC also did a great job in continuing to connect with their customers on social media post the launch of the video and building long-term relationships.

Great article! It seems Highsnobiety has been able to adapt to a sustainable business model by employing key monetization strategies through their brand consulting services and e-commerce. As fashion and tastes in the industry are constantly changing, I wonder if they will be able to stay relevant and appeal to their target market and provide a constant stream of content.

Interesting article! I wonder if these Swiss watch-making companies will be able to compete with the likes of Apple in creating technology-advanced smart watches. I believe a key differentiator is not only in Apple’s tech capabilities but also in the ecosystem and network of connected devices they have created. I believe Swiss watch makers may have to focus on what they are good at (manufacturing, design), and on their more upscale product segments and lucrative, high-margin customers to stay alive and sustain growth.