AI is a new tool that taps into old principles.
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March 1, 2021

In the era of AI, we find ourselves in a place where technology is crashing into other worlds: from privacy to ethics to social interaction. And while AI tech is taking on uncharted territory in many ways, it brings to light some not-so-new problems. Where do we turn for answers? Here are some insights from across disciplines — take a look inside the village.


Where fairness ends

Fairness has always been something we've struggled with as a society. David Weinberger, a senior researcher at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard, unpacks why fairness is a problematic framing of the ethical issues machine learning forces us to confront.

Why AI can’t afford to discount diversity

Diversity of thought isn’t a nice-to-have when it comes to tech and business; it’s a requirement. Our 2019 Digital Transformation Summit explored the ethics of AI and implications for business decision-makers — from the perspectives of a philosopher, general counsel, and CEO.

Some assembly required: building an interdisciplinary superteam to tackle AI ethics

Technologists, managers, and policymakers all have a seat at the table here. Assembly, a collaboration of the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard and the MIT Media Lab, is about creating space for cross-sector teams to crack the code to some of AI’s toughest ethical and governance problems — problems that would otherwise fall out of reach.

How can other disciplines inform AI tech?

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One more thing...

Speaking of diverse perspectives, Professors Douglas A. Melton and Michael J. Sandel are on deck to teach a new course at HBS this fall – Tech Ethics: AI, Biotech, and the Future of Human Nature.

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